KACE Mission Statement

This organization is established:

To operate, without profit to KACE, or its members, as a State association to advance, educate, and improve efforts of state, county, and city employees who are actively involved with and responsible for the practice of code enforcement without regard to race, creed, color, national origin or sex.

To encourage professionalism with regard to the standardization of enforcement of environmental, housing, and land use codes.

To supply and advance the science and practice of code enforcement through certification and provide training workshops, seminars and conferences dealing with legal matters.

To exchange information, publish and disseminate professional materials relating to updated environmental, housing and land use laws.

To develop procedures and programs to provide specialized services relating to code enforcement and promotion of such programs.

To promote policies that will facilitate and improve code enforcement procedures.


The Kansas Association of Code Enforcement, known as KACE, was established by code enforcement officers of the State of Kansas in 1992. Officers from Wichita, Overland Park, Olathe and several other cities came together to form what is now the primary organization for code enforcement personnel throughout the state. A voluntary certification program was initiated by KACE as a means to encourage professionalism among all code enforcement personnel within the State of Kansas. KACE is a non-profit organization. There are approximately 90 active KACE members representing various jurisdictions from every corner of Kansas.

For over a decade KACE has provided bi-annual training conferences for its members. Through these training opportunities and certification KACE continues to fulfill its mission to train code officials, supply continuing education, and promote the advancement of code compliance profession in the State of Kansas.

Officers and Board Members
Jim Brinkley

Name: Jim Brinkley

Position: President

Phone: 913-573-8600

Location: UGWyCo/KCK

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Barb Bille

Name: Barb Bille

Position: 1st Vice President

Phone: 913-441-1961

Location: Bonner Springs

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John Vetter

Name: John Vetter

Position: 2nd Vice President

Phone: 620-259-4108

Location: Hutchinson

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Jeff Wolf

Name: Jeff Wolf

Position: 3rd Vice President

Phone: 785-877-5000

Location: Norton

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Nina Stevenson

Name: Nina Stevenson

Position: Treasurer

Phone: 785-368-2498

Location: Topeka

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Megan Rodecap

Name: Megan Rodecap

Position: Secretary

Phone: 785-368-2478

Location: Topeka

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Matt Smith

Name: Matt Smith

Position: Sergeant at Arms

Phone: 913-573-8600

Location: Unified Government WyCo/KCK

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Natalie Anguiano

Name: Natalie Anguiano

Position: Past President

Phone: 620-356-4400

Location: Ulysses

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